have a cigar

An interactive projection using max msp jitter software.
The camera captures the point where the cigarette lightens and stars to drawn a line from there.

Lynx: “Twelve”

CD “Boon and Bane” (LaLune Records)

b-cup tutorial on aetuts.com

A tutorial about how the b-cup animation made is finally online on ae.tutsplus.com, you can check it here.

Really honored about this, since the above site is one of my favorites. Have learned a lot from other peoples tutorials,

and now  i see that is my time to share….anyway, hope it helps some people out there.

sonic synergies dvd trailer

Some scenes for the upcoming sonic synergies dvd trailer

B_ cup

antonis anissegos / andreas karaoulanis audio visual jam.
you can watch a tutorial about how this video made here:

figure series

Andreas Karaoulanis: animation
Patrick K.-H.: animation-audio
Oleg Makarov: audio

Athens Benaki Museum

from 30 june till 25 july lifo illustration is taking place at benaki museum athens.

Here’s some photos from my participation to the event.

1000 problems

yet another max/msp-jitter installation created for the dissonance fest at march 2010.
Viewers’ movement-shadow are controlling the graphics
projected on the wall.


audio visual experiment
//antonis anissegos:audio
//andreas karaoulanis-Patrick K.-H.:animation
also check:vimeo.com/patrickkh

anarchy and cows!

An interactive video installation, using max msp-jitter software, for athens design walk exhibition 2010.
The project performed at the designshop lab and visitors were able to control graphics through special designed sticks and lights.

design walk 2010

On friday 5/2 till sunday 7/2 taking part on the design walk 2010 with an interactive projection

installation at the designshop lab.

more info about the event can find here … http://www.designwalk.gr/

See you all there

erhu for my people

Been working on a bestbefore dvd production with george kartalos, hopefully will be released on march 2010. Try to blend old flash movies and new videos with audio and music patterns. The result is kind interesting and unique because there are beats and pieces back from 2004  combined with new stuff and technologies.

The different formats of each movie cause a little trouble because most of the videos are rendered in  PAL dimensions, but..thats the beauty after all….old and new staff together.

Ben & the Immigrants cd release

A cd atwork for the Ben & the immigrants band. U can hear the audio and also watch their really great videos here


a bestbefore video for the 9 directions exhibition at thessaloniki 20-25/10/2009

meet the meds…

meet the meds from adrere on Vimeo.

getting off some prescribed medication may cause you a lot of withdrawal symptoms such as the above…

watch it as an intreactive flash movie  here