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bestbefore is a personal online portfolio as well as a creative workspace made by Andreas Karaoulanis. 
First launched at 2004 showcasing flash movies, but since then evolved to a hopefully updated blog with news, illustrations, and whatever else seems to be suitable.

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Contact: adrere@bestbefore.gr

tel: 0049-(0)1522 761 2569
skype: adrere_bestbefore

Andreas Karaoulanis
Kreuzbergstraße 9
10965 – Berlin / DE

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°Aeonio is a dialogue between organic environment and related data abstractions.
It complements presence with visual blueprints and acoustic fragments as a real-time process.
The multimedia piece follows several approaches to emphasize a core of data: impulse.

The artwork co-narrates by the elements of visual arts, experimental dance and contemporary music.

It is meant to be performed live as a vivid presentation for public audience, on public stages
or outdoor sceneries.

°AEONIO uses a multilayer media setting to achieve a converging communication between its narrative
elements. It offers a journey through morphing landscapes and imaginary organisms, stimulating
the audience to continuously perceive new associations of alternating arguments.

As an evocative circulation of influences by physical, acoustical and visual counterpoints,
it reflects the boundaries of existence and communication within this fragile questioning.

Media environment is created with Live Camera / Kinect / Processing / Quartz Composer / MaxMSP
/ Ableton Live / Boss RC-50 / Viola / Akkordion / Percussion Bells / Metallophon / Sensula / Metronom.

Links and Information about the collaborating artists:

Christian Sonntag – Website
Katerina Liana – Vimeo
Céline Péle – Website / Soundcloud
Special thanks to Anton Iakhontov ( link ) for video loops.


Best before Unu
Audio: Antonis Anissegos
Animation: Andreas Karaoulanis
Also check more videos here:

Lynx: “Twelve”

CD “Boon and Bane” (LaLune Records)

sonic synergies dvd trailer

Some scenes for the upcoming sonic synergies dvd trailer

B_ cup

antonis anissegos / andreas karaoulanis audio visual jam.
you can watch a tutorial about how this video made here:

figure series

Andreas Karaoulanis: animation
Patrick K.-H.: animation-audio
Oleg Makarov: audio


audio visual experiment
//antonis anissegos:audio
//andreas karaoulanis-Patrick K.-H.:animation
also check:vimeo.com/patrickkh

erhu for my people

Been working on a bestbefore dvd production with george kartalos, hopefully will be released on march 2010. Try to blend old flash movies and new videos with audio and music patterns. The result is kind interesting and unique because there are beats and pieces back from 2004  combined with new stuff and technologies.

The different formats of each movie cause a little trouble because most of the videos are rendered in  PAL dimensions, but..thats the beauty after all….old and new staff together.


a bestbefore video for the 9 directions exhibition at thessaloniki 20-25/10/2009

meet the meds…

meet the meds from adrere on Vimeo.

getting off some prescribed medication may cause you a lot of withdrawal symptoms such as the above…

watch it as an intreactive flash movie  here