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bestbefore is a personal online portfolio as well as a creative workspace made by Andreas Karaoulanis. 
First launched at 2004 showcasing flash movies, but since then evolved to a hopefully updated blog with news, illustrations, and whatever else seems to be suitable.

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tel: 0049-(0)1522 761 2569
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Andreas Karaoulanis
Kreuzbergstraße 9
10965 – Berlin / DE

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°Aeonio is a dialogue between organic environment and related data abstractions.
It complements presence with visual blueprints and acoustic fragments as a real-time process.
The multimedia piece follows several approaches to emphasize a core of data: impulse.

The artwork co-narrates by the elements of visual arts, experimental dance and contemporary music.

It is meant to be performed live as a vivid presentation for public audience, on public stages
or outdoor sceneries.

°AEONIO uses a multilayer media setting to achieve a converging communication between its narrative
elements. It offers a journey through morphing landscapes and imaginary organisms, stimulating
the audience to continuously perceive new associations of alternating arguments.

As an evocative circulation of influences by physical, acoustical and visual counterpoints,
it reflects the boundaries of existence and communication within this fragile questioning.

Media environment is created with Live Camera / Kinect / Processing / Quartz Composer / MaxMSP
/ Ableton Live / Boss RC-50 / Viola / Akkordion / Percussion Bells / Metallophon / Sensula / Metronom.

Links and Information about the collaborating artists:

Christian Sonntag – Website
Katerina Liana – Vimeo
Céline Péle – Website / Soundcloud
Special thanks to Anton Iakhontov ( link ) for video loops.

Moscow International Biennale


Works that lie on the boundary between the genres of video art, animation and installations are sure to surprise visitors.

Every person is immersed in a world of media. The curators Patrick K.-H and Asya Mukhina have dived into it to broaden the traditional understanding of animation and experiment on the boundary between video art, animation and installations.


Lpm Rome 2012

Came back from Live Performers Meeting (LPM) in Rome where  had 2 performances + the 1st price winner of the 2012 vj torna.

The competition is reserved for individuals or crew of 2 persons For the Battle category, vjs are allowed to work with their own video material,
except for the final, for which the loop will be selected by the jury and revealed only 30 minutes before the challenge.
Even the music will not be chosen from the finalists, not to create situations of disadvantage.

more info and photos here:

A big thanks to all the people took part at the event and a big hello to all the beautiful people meeting there. Love you all!


Lava Project – KuKuLand / Bestbefore
Audio: Antonis Anissegos
Scenes from performing live at the LPM in Rome in 2012.

Moscow Territory Fest

On the 9 September 2011 the Winter theatre in Sochi will host the introduction of the new project of the International festival-school “TERRITORIYA” — the multimedia show “FULL MOON“ („POLNOLUNIE”). The show is the result of collaboration between festival’s art-direction and musical curator Theodor Currentzis, set up especially for the Cultural Olympiad “Sochi 2014”.
Featuring in the program are: the multimedia exhibition in the foyer of the Winter theatre and two musical compositions: “Over moons“ (“Nad lunami”) and “Plenilune” (“Polnolunie”), by the composer — Alexey Sysoev and the director — Philipp Grigoryan.

more info here

bestbefore animation in London Underground

Smile for London, an exciting new initiative that aims to brighten the London commute, has launched with a unique two week filmfestival across digital platform screens throughout the Underground network. Developed by creative team, Meme Partnership, theSmile for London campaign harnesses art and creativity to boost the spirits of London’s commuters and provide artists working inmoving image with a new exciting platform to explore.

Launched in time to combat the January blues, the campaign will run from the 17 – 28 January 2011.  The daily changing programof film, art and animation will be displayed on digital platform screens across key London Underground sites on weekday morningsand evenings during the rush hour commute. The morning films have been curated with a view to lifting morning spirits, whilst theevening films have been selected to provoke thought and inspire. People will be able to revisit the films and view artist profiles on smileforlondon.com.

Celebrated artists and film makers such as Aardman Animation, director of the moment Saam Farahmand and painter Stuart PearsonWright, who’s first work in motion stars Keira Knightley, have been invited to screen works over the two weeks. These films will bescreened alongside winning entries from a public call for submissions, chosen by a panel of industry leaders including onedotzero and Neville Brody. The winners were announced at the launch at the Museum of London last week.

max/msp-jitter light painting

Light painting example with max msp-jitter.
At the edge of the stick there are 4 infra red leds hidden, the camera reads their coordinates, and orders jitter to produce a line starting from that point.
All parameters of the line weight-height-color and life are controlable.
another example using the same infrared tracking you can se here vimeo.com/9518872

have a cigar

An interactive projection using max msp jitter software.
The camera captures the point where the cigarette lightens and stars to drawn a line from there.

Athens Benaki Museum

from 30 june till 25 july lifo illustration is taking place at benaki museum athens.

Here’s some photos from my participation to the event.

1000 problems

yet another max/msp-jitter installation created for the dissonance fest at march 2010.
Viewers’ movement-shadow are controlling the graphics
projected on the wall.

anarchy and cows!

An interactive video installation, using max msp-jitter software, for athens design walk exhibition 2010.
The project performed at the designshop lab and visitors were able to control graphics through special designed sticks and lights.

design walk 2010

On friday 5/2 till sunday 7/2 taking part on the design walk 2010 with an interactive projection

installation at the designshop lab.

more info about the event can find here … http://www.designwalk.gr/

See you all there