Piano Studies #01


Part 01 of piano studies animation experiments by bestbefore & Patrick K.-H., based on the piano studies by Antonis Anissegos.

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Antonis Anissegos – piano,
Patrick K.-H. – animation,
Andreas Karaoulanis – animation

Patrick K.-H. / Andreas Karaoulanis live @ Quiet Cue, Berlin, 11.10.14 ev

Patrick K.-H. – semi acoustic guitar, MIDI,
Andreas Karaoulanis – laptop, Max/MSP
excerpt of live @ Quiet Cue, Berlin, 11.10.14 ev



Areta, animation piece, 2014 ev.
Andreas Karaoulanis – animation,
Patrick K.-H. – animation, sound,
Katerina Liana: photos
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Patrick K.-H.: animation
Andreas Karaoulanis: animation
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Patrick K.-H.:animation (
Andreas Karaoulanis: animation (
Antonis Anissegos: audio (



“We aim at the total transformation of the mind and all that resembles it” (A.Breton).

Stop –motion is, first of all, a medium to discretize the process, to fix it at each desired moment: watching metamorphoses of material in frames of strictly provided system of axes, that is rotating as a wind vane, seeding around tensors of options and variants of occurrences, consequences, suggestions and probabilities. Daring weaving of meanings gives spectator a rope to climb up to the tower, free of anything rational, to try to puzzle out its tricky structure. And probably to keep staying in this tower forever – that would be a pure piece of art.

re-quest at U+003F



Patrick K.-H. – animation, sound
Andreas Karaoulanis – animation

more videos:

Biene con biene



Andreas Karaoulanis – animation (
Patrick K.-H. – animation, sound (

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Monkey-eating Mousie


Still images for “Monkey-eating Mousie” movie collaboration with Patrick K.-H.
Check the full video here:

More info:
Media artists Patrick K.-H. and Oleg Makarov research in the depth of basic media-archeology, working with “drawn sound” technology of 1920’s.

“Drawn sound” (also graphical sound, cutted sound) appeared as the way to produce “sound track” at film tape: converting sound to image (that is graphical spectrum of sound), and back, image (sound spectrum) to sound. At that time, it comes to be the only method to create literally every sound, both “real” and “unreal”, just from drawing. Now, it belongs to forgotten but still fruitful branches of media evolution.

Patrick K.-H. and Oleg Makarov recreate old-school technics by nowdays means: Max/MSP/Jitter, cameras / lenses, video projection, multiscreen, etc.
Also, they employ text-sound composition, sound installation, spatial sound approach, and algorithmic composition. Generally, they define interactivity as an axis for all and every media and data involved into a piece, in order to handle appeared meanings towards this axis.

№02¦ @Neükollner Oper Berlin

Improvised performance at Check Point Hellas 2-Script at Neükollner Oper Berlin 11.02.2012
Katerina Liana: dance ( // Patrick K.-H.: sketches ( // Antonis Anissegos : audio ( // Andreas Karaoulanis: animation-programmimg (