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bakko from bestbefore on Vimeo.

best before unu
audio: antonis anissegos
animation: andreas karaoulanis


Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 11.04.58

Andreas karaoulanis – Patrick K.-H: animation
Antonis Anissegos – Piano
Daniel Schröteler – Drums

Andreas karaoulanis – animation – Patrick K.-H. – music, animation
live @ Spektrum // Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM,
Berlin, 10-02-17 ev.


Last month’s Scope talk of Patrick K.-H. and Bestbefore about their beautifully surrealist animations and audiovisual collaboration is online!
photo/video:by the scope sessions team (


Dbl Trbl from bestbefore on Vimeo.

Patrick K.-H. – animation,
Andreas Karaoulanis – animation
audio: dinMashine

diNMachine from “The Opposites of Unity”
Patrick K.-H. / bestbefore

“For the video to recent single “Dbl Trbl,” the band paired with Russian artist Patrick K.-H. and Greek artist Bestbefore to create an animated accompaniment to the erratic and rhythmically skewed sounds that diNMachine has linked together on this track. Combining warped electronics with muddied cross-genre experimentation and a brittle visual aesthetic, the band looks to pull apart their influences while finding common ground between the aural and cinematic nature of their work. Whether it’s through the driving synth bass sounds of electro funk or a dramatically percussive jazz-influenced melody, the band finds a way to make all these sounds flow together in a persuasive cadence.“
read the whole piece here…

Poster for Tobazi trio event

Corporate Coitus

Corporate Coitus //From the CD Giraffes
Andreas Karaoulanis: animation
David Hahn: audio (

“I composed Corporate Coitus while working as an audio technician at a company which produced background music for businesses. When the company CEO was interviewed by the on-line business journal, I used the audio portion of the interview as source material. I extracted the extra-verbal sounds—the “ahs” and “ums” and intakes of breath—for use in this new piece. The title of Corporate Coitus came about as I feel that sex and business are always somehow connected. I heard the piece as an imaginary sex act gathering intensity to a climax followed by a gradual de-tumescence.” David Hahn

Black Flow project @ Kühlhaus Berlin

Still images from Black Flow project
Morphing landscapes and electroacoustic environments
An audio/visual performance with floor projection (10x10m)
@ Kühlhaus Berlin 27-02-2015

Floros Floridis: reeds, live-electronics
Andreas Karaoulanis: animation-programming
Patrick K.-H.: animation

Video documentation plus more technical info included in cycling74 website here:

Piano Study #02


Part 02 of piano studies animation experiments by bestbefore & Patrick K.-H., based on the piano studies by Antonis Anissegos.

Watch the rest of the collection series here:

Antonis Anissegos – piano,
Patrick K.-H. – animation,
Andreas Karaoulanis – animation